DOWNLOAD "Amazon Review Request Tool ASINsell" Chrome Extension and Firefox AddOn

Connect your Amazon marketplace after you download the Chrome or Firefox extension and send review requests unlimitedly on Amazon with ASINsell.

Automatically Send Review Requests

Extensions only work with your computer which is you downloaded the extension.

When your orders time are appropriate, ASINsell automatically sends review requests for your products according to your settings.

Answer Your Messages Automatically

Manage Your Review Requests

Set your review request time and send them at the same hour as the order time.

Only request to customers who gave 2 or more orders from your Amazon marketplace.

Exclude ASINs from your review request list or include ASINs to your list.

Set the day of your review requests.

Filter your refunded orders and do not send review requests for them.

Do not send review requests to low-star customers.

Set Up Your Message Content


Product Reviews

View and sort all your Amazon reviews on one page and get daily reports about your reviews.

Hijackers & BuyBox

Detect hijackers on your lists and get notified about your BuyBox status.

Reimbursement Calculator

Calculate your Amazon reimbursements automatically.

Listing Optimizer

Check your product listings and correct your mistakes.

Keyword Research

Find keywords about your products.

Keyword Cleaner

Clear your keywords from mistakes.

Auto E-Mail Responder

Set up automated messages and send these to your customers outside of your business hours.

Send Your Messages Anytime